9 Best Ways To Extend Fryer Oil Life

Ensuring fryer oil remains filtered and safe to use isn’t particularly a problem for households, but if you’re into a restaurant business or maybe you have a food truck where essentially you are selling fried food then having strategies to extend fryer oil life is of paramount importance.



It is absolutely non-negotiable. A restaurant serves fried foods like french fries, steak, Jelly Sandwich, Hot Dogs and so much more. These foods are in high demand it is these foods that drive maximum sales in a food joint. How does such a food joint conduct business cost-effectively?


Hint: Not by sabotaging the life of fryer oil



There are 2 repercussions to avoiding fryer oil life and oil filtration.


#1. If the oil is left unchecked for long then the food fried in it can have a severe impact on consumer’s health



#2. If the fryer machine isn’t kept clean it’s all greasy then not only the fryer oil life declines but more importantly the machine’s life also declines which means you are soon gonna have to purchase a new machine.


Here are the best ways to extend Fryer Oil Life


  1. Keep the temperature in check


Failing to keep the temperature in check in the #1 cause behind the deterioration of deep fryer cooking oils. The damage becomes worse at 180/185°C, it remains tolerable at 165/170°C. With decaying, the oil molecule begins to break down and as a result, free fatty acids (FFA’s) are formed. These FFA’s in your deep fryer cooking oil are what will impact your food quality.


  1. Don’t let particles fall in o

By Haadi