Asbestos Inspection at Your Workplace

Many buildings constructed utilized asbestos as a temperature barrier between the outside and floors.  Asbestos could be sprayed onto concrete with adhesive.  A ceiling or wall would then cover the exposed insulation for an additional barrier.  Any renovation project should have an Asbestos Inspector test different surfaces for the presence of asbestos.  Should asbestos be found, the Inspector could then aid in the decision to leave the asbestos in place, or bring in a remediation company for the removal of the hazardous material.


Some situations allow for the asbestos not to be removed, as the asbestos would not be disturbed during the course of everyday work at the workplace.  A Certified Asbestos Inspector would need to make regularly scheduled visits to ensure the asbestos is not being disturbed moving forward.  Each person residing or working in the immediate area should be notified of the presence of asbestos and take the proper precautions.

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Other situations require the asbestos to be immediately removed to ensure the health and safety of the employees.  A remediation company would provide their crew the proper personal protection equipment (PPE) during the removal process.  Respirators face shields, and protective clothing may be required to be worn by any employee.  The area may need to be sealed off with proper ventilations and filtering systems to ensure other areas are not contaminated with asbestos.  The waste should be sealed in individually numbered bags that have been specifically designed for this purpose.  Specialty transportation should be arranged and transported directly to a facility that is capable of receiving hazardous material.


A Certified Asbestos Inspector can be your company’s guide through the process and ensure the proper steps are taken.  Click hereto contact a Certified Asbestos Inspector to help your company take the first step and have different surfaces tested for asbestos.  Heavy fines could result from improper steps during the removal of asbestos and it is imperative that a professional trained for the proper removal of asbestos be utilized.  Your employees are worth protecting and testing for asbestos is the right call for your company.

By Haadi