Bedroom Furniture Spotlight: Upholstered Platform Beds

In the world of furniture design, bedroom furniture has always focused on the beauty and durability of wood. Solid wood with all of its appeal and strength isn’t always the first choice though among many consumers. Growing in popularity are upholstered platform beds which move away from the traditional styling of natural wood in favor of more aesthetically pleasing leathers and fabrics. Surprisingly upholstered platform beds share much in common with their wood platform bed counterparts.

Bedrooms play an important part in our daily lives. We rest and relax in these rooms after a long day, slipping into an ever restful slumber each night. What’s strange is that most of the furniture in our home that we sit or rest on is upholstered such as sofas, loveseats, chairs, ottomans, sectionals, window seats and recliners. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that we should be able to find comfort and relaxation in upholstered platform beds as well?

Traditional wood beds bring with them centuries of decorative finials, curved wood crosspieces, wood dowels and slats along with a variety of other construction techniques that have set them apart from other types of furniture. The same can be said for upholstered furniture such as sofas and chairs which have utilized unique piping techniques, tufting and panel construction. What many manufacturers of bedroom furniture are starting to find out is that consumer’s tastes are changing to have the same look of modern upholstery not only in living rooms, dens and family rooms but also in the bedroom.

The reason is upholstered furniture provides an unsurpassed look and feel. Consider leather upholstery for a moment. Like wood, leather tends to have lone characteristics that make each piece one of a kind. Why is that important? We tend to value things more that are unique. Real wood furniture retains its value through the fact that wood grain from one piece of furniture to the next is not identical. It provides character and charm to that particular piece of furniture.

Leather upholstered beds are quite similar to real wood beds. Leather hides have different markings such as bite marks, barb wire and other characteristics that make each piece unique. Tanned leather hides that are aniline dyed typically present a very uniform color. With the unique characteristics of leather each piece of furniture stands out on its own. Much like the grain and slight color variations found in real wood furniture, leather platform beds offer distinguishing features that make each bed special in its own way.


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Fabric upholstered beds also offer a more unique approach to bedroom furniture. Manufacturers of fabric platform beds are able to draw on many types of fabrics, colors and patterns. This wide assortment offers more exclusive looks for individual consumers who can now create a look of their own by choosing the covering for their bed to match the décor of their bedroom. This flexibility while similar to that of choosing a stain or finish for wood endeavors to create a more rare appearance.

In conclusion one can easily argue that upholstered platform beds offer just as many or more choices than wood platform beds can in the bedroom. However it isn’t really a matter of one type of bed being better than the other. What is important here is that consumers are left with many more choices because of additional types of platform beds available. Besides wood and metal models, an individual can also select an upholstered bed offering rich color options and endless possibilities for bedroom décor.

By Haadi