Beijing used car or now price boom

Although around the Spring Festival for volume fell sharply, used car price fluctuation is not big, but in the 2 months, as the outside the car in rice group besides, city a second-hand market is gradually thaw. Market experts have forecast, 3 month, along with the new car market active, volume will collect used car explosion.This year in dozens of cities around Beijing has been increased used car access standard, under the premise of city used car sales limited has become an inevitable, clinch a deal valence also will appear down significantly. For the moment, the price has the tide first emerged.Statistics show that, under the influence of the January the Spring Festival holiday, city used car market volume compared with last December, fell forty percent. After the Spring Festival, a second-hand market compared with passenger before significantly reduced, used to full, crowded at the hall appears in a register of is very quiet.In February, used car dealers are beginning to recover for business, but until the last few days, on the market just gradually began to have some popularity. Reporter HuaXiang, vanda, visit used car market, see some overseas guest have already started to clean the car in the car DVD market to loiter about, but with dealers to bargaining is not much.Asian car market deputy general manager YanJingHui tells a reporter, the beginning of this year, dozens of cities around Beijing used car admittance threshold raised to countries b, city used car export way out badly affected. But at the same time, as a new car market active day by day, the supply will increase second-hand car, so prices is inevitable.Beijing old motor vehicle market WangMeng director also said to the surrounding city sales limited, the field performers toll collect this year, will be sold to more capital used car northwest and Inner Mongolia remote areas, or peripheral three level 4 city. “Emission standard is not enough b kingdom of more than 6 years car is old models, limited, this kind of car sales price will appear certain scope down.” WangMeng said.Several used car dealers predict, 3 months old second-hand bike capital will be more than 5% of the fall.In fact, from last year, Beijing has used car export environment began to change. In the first half of last year, the city to the surrounding city comes on stage in succession limit Beijing used car access policy, the past used car sales of the most city near routine is broken. China’s auto circulation association related statistical data shows, has experienced a series of adjusted, the city used car sales scope has been from the past 50 km expanded to 600 kilometers. This year, the city used car sales expanding the scope of the trend will be more obvious.But it is worth noting, though city to the surrounding city used car admittance threshold enhancement, but for most 2-5 years of new used car influence, but not quite, because this kind of car emissions standards are in the kingdom b above. “The owner of the city to transfer cycle continuously shortening in three to five years, to change and more people, it will be in this year showed more obvious.” YanJingHui told reporters, year after a relatively short period of new used cars will be the main market trade city used car models.”3 month used car market will begin to recovery.” HuaXiang used car market a dealer said, although the surrounding environment has changed the change, but city in the second-hand market policies to support and self adjusting, still spent time difficulty, and the constant development and expansion. “Although the old car prices fall, but the volume is not necessarily be too big effect, the field is still the city used car outside the car’s favourite guest clean place.” The dealers said.According to information, the recent week, some nonlocal tao has begun in the market for car appeared, and have to change the plan consumers are beginning to opponents of the old car for the backup camera evaluation. Market experts predict, as long as the new car market promotion efforts a increase, this group of consumers will act at once, and this will directly stimulating the used car volume rises, the market to heat up.

By Haadi