Benefits And Things To Consider While Buying Cable Glands

The entire production line came to a halt due to type of failure as it was very expensive.

For their increased flexibility and to rectify the situation flameproof cable glands were invented. Cable glands are known as ‘mechanical cable entry devices’ that applies in conjunction with cable and wiring for electrical, instrumentation & control, and automation systems, including lighting, power, data and telecoms .

The major functions of a flameproof cable gland are to serve as sealing and terminating tool. They must keep the level of the protection of equipment to which they’re connected. These are used to attach and protect the end of a cable to equipment. It gets connected to certain cables. They are used to seal cables that come through various bulkheads. These are designed to adjust with the tight bending radii and take the physical tension associated with moving substance. It all depends on what you are going to use the cable gland for.

Nowadays, cable glands are used for all types of electrical equipment. Today you can use four principals’ types of cable glands which are used in technology. They are:

Flameproof Cable glands.
Brass Cable glands.
Stainless Cable glands.
Aluminum Cable glands.

They are also referred to as fittings.

Here are the benefits of Cable Glands:

They are flexible.
Stable with an increased life service.
Many Different types of cable glands to choose from.
Keeping up with good pressure in a clean environment as well as prevention of and also fluid ingress.
Even fire protected cable glands are available which helps in preventing a fire.

Functions of a cable gland is to seal a device which acts to ensure protection of enclosures on electrical equipment including by rendering safe different aspects like

Holding Force: It acts to ensure that only an adequate level of resistance is allowed.

Additional sealing: Cable glands provide additional levels of sealing where there is a need for high ingress protection.

By Haadi