Cable Trays are pillar for developing industries

Cable Trays are usually used by constructions and developing industries, for their many different projects. Cable trays are used to collect and distribute cables. Steel, plastic, aluminum, fibreglasses are mostly used for making cable trays. Cable trays are the back bones of constructions and developing industries.


Types of Cable Trays

Types of cable trays are to be follow-

1) Ladder Cable Tray:

Ladder cable trays are usually used for applications to long support spans normally ladder cable trays are 12 to 30 feet long.


2) Perforated Type Cable Tray:

The perforated type cable trays are made of Mild Steel IS 1079, Pre-Galvanized Sheet, Stainless Steel & Aluminum and some important information about perforated cable tray

As follow-

Width – 50 mm to 1200 mm

Height – 10 mm to 100 mm


Thickness – 1.2 mm to 3 mm

Length – 2444 mm / 2500 mm / 3000 mm

3) Solid Bottom Cable Tray:

Solid Bottom Cable Trays are mostly used for minimal heat generating electrical or telecommunication applications with short to intermediate support spans, solid bottom cable trays are maximum 5 to 12 feet long.

4) Channel Cable Tray:

Channel cable tray is consisting of one piece, channel cable tray used by all different industries to carry their smaller equipments, data communication and it also include computer hardware equipments, telephone and control and fiber optic cable.

5) Single Rail Cable Tray:

Single rail cable tray is very much important for saving time and money for those lighter-duty cable support projects that do not require a traditional dual side rail cable tray.

Generally single rail cable trays width are 6 to 24 inches, depth are 3 to 6 inches and lengths are 10 to 12 feet. Single rail cable trays are generally used for low voltage and power cable installations because where cable gets maximum freedom, side fill and speed to all install are factors.

6) Trough Cable Tray:

Trough Cable Trays are mostly used for moderate heat generating with short time to intermediate support spans, and it is normally 5 to 12 feet long.

By Haadi