Expand Your Subscriber List: 21 Musts

1. Keep your subscription form easy to find on every web
page. Preferably, add it on your navigational bar. If the
form is to large for the bar or page, add a hyperlink and
send them to a popup or a separate page so that the previous
page on your site doesn’t disappear. It is easy for them to

2. Not only must the form be easy to see, it also needs to
be easy to read. Label each field. I’ve seen a few where I
didn’t know what to enter. Be kind to computer readers
suffering from dry eyes, make the font large and easy to

3. Do you write your own ezine articles? Add a “please
subscribe here line to your byline. Begin the line
with a benefit they get from subscribing and then add a few
invitational words along with a URL hyperlink. Example:
“Learn more about this topic. Subscribe to [name of your
ezine] by visiting….”

4. Generally, people are impulse buyers. So, give them
that impulse. Give away a free ebook. Instead of letting
them see that the ebook is free. Regularly charge for the
eBook. Six dollars is a good price, just explain them that
it is a limited special offer.

By Haadi