How Crowdfunding Can Make Your Mobile App Come To Life

By now you have likely heard of crowdfunding and its ability to make small enterprise a reality. Through such platforms as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, individuals and small enterprises are able to raise the funds necessary to make a specific project come to life. While the spectrum of projects spans much broader than just mobile apps, there are many mobile enterprises that have found the required funding through collective crowdfunding investments and have gone on to conduct extremely successful operations. For a mobile enterprise, perhaps the most attractive aspect of crowdfunding is that it allows a business to garner the necessary funds to make someone’s vision a reality, all while involving many passionate and genuinely interested investors.

Crowdfunding For Your Mobile Enterprise

Crowdfunding is perhaps most significant with sole proprietors and small enterprises starting a mobile enterprise and looking to become profitable. If you are an individual in desperate need of funding for your mobile app, then registering on a crowdfunding site and stirring up investments may be your best bet. Through the fundraising abilities of Kickstarter or Indiegogo, you can take steps to optimize the collection of investments for mobile enterprise. Here are a few things to consider when looking to entice investors for your mobile app.

Display Your Business Plan

Whether you are a small enterprise with a handful of employees or an individual looking to create a successful app on your own, showing your business plan and other relevant documents to investors will further entice them. In doing so, it allows potential investors to get a glimpse into the plans your have for your app in both the short and long term. Additionally, it allows investors to see the financial need of your mobile enterprise, allowing them to make a contribution accordingly.

Make A Video Targeting Potential Investors

Posting a video for your investors to better understand your business plan and your abilities as an enterprise leader is a very proactive step to encourage funding for your company. The use of a video message and tutorial targeted at your investors gives you the ability to convey the core message of your business, as well as the target market of your app, without investors having to dredge through pages of paper text.

Offer Larger Incentives For Larger Investments

When it comes to investing incentives are key to getting more money for your enterprise. Offering free downloads of your app, free admittance to investor events, and free swag can entice investors to pledge more money for your project. Additionally, investors often love recognition; so if you really want to raise some money, offer to put their names on the credits of your app.

Provide Frequent Updates

Once you have a good amount of investors and their funds are pledged to your project, you should actively keep them updated on the status of your app. After all, they have taken a risk by investing their money in your mobile enterprise, so naturally they want to know how their money is fairing. With that said, you do not need to become paranoid about updating investors, and to a certain extent it is a good idea to remain somewhat detached from their judgments, but you should still aim to keep them regularly updated. Likely the best way of doing so is to pick a consistent interval — such as weekly or monthly — and aim to provide all of your investors with an accurate and thorough report of the status of your mobile enterprise.

By Haadi