Use Plastic Containers to Spice Up Your Candy Displays

When you think of plastic containers and acrylic bins, you probably think of clear display fixtures designed to focus on functionality more than anything else. While these kinds of fixtures certainly extremely functional, there are plenty of ways to use them – and their jazzier cousins – to spice up your candy displays!

Below are five ways you can use these and other fixtures to add more visual appeal to your candy and other merchandise displays.

1. Use Plastic Containers of Various Shapes, Styles, and Colors

When it comes to shapes, styles, and colors, plastic containers provide as much variety as they provide durability and versatility!

You can find fixtures in numerous different colors, translucent enough for both you and your customers to see through, as well as fixtures in several different holiday-inspired shapes. Mix and match containers of different sizes to add depth to your displays, or choose unique container styles that are as convenient as they are attractive.

2. Display Brightly Colored Candy in Your Plastic Containers

Using colored acrylic bins is one way to spice up your candy displays, but you can also use brightly colored candy inside clear containers.

If it’s Halloween, for example, you can create a display of black and orange gumballs. If it’s Christmas or Valentine’s Day, consider red and green gumballs or red and white gumballs.

If your store is located in a town that is enthusiastic about its high school or college sports teams, consider creating a display of candy in the school’s colors. You can do the same if your city has its own professional sports team.

3. Have Your Store’s Logo Silk Screened Onto Plastic Containers

Using containers of different shapes, styles, and colors and pairing them with other kinds of merchandise display fixtures are both great ways to spice up your candy displays; however, what better way to add visual appeal to your displays than by adding your own store’s logo onto the containers?

You can shop around for wholesalers that provide silk screen logo fish bowls, for example, to incorporate your store’s logo into your candy displays.

4. Pair Plastic Containers With Other Merchandise Display Fixtures

It’s true that plastic containers work well as display fixtures all by themselves, but you can spice up your candy displays when you pair them with other display fixtures.

Many kinds of display fixtures work well with plastic containers; some, like rotating bucket racks, even come with their own plastic buckets. The best display fixtures to pair containers with, however, are the ones that provide sturdy shelves for them to sit on. Traditional convenience store racks, for example, work well, as do other display racks with wire or metal shelves.

5. Use Plastic Containers Designed for Convenience

Aside from visually spicing up your candy displays, another way to make your displays more appealing is to make them more convenient.

Various kinds of containers and bins are designed for just that. Search for containers meant to help you save space, such as plastic stackable containers, or bins designed to make things easier for your customers, such as gravity bins.

By Haadi