Where to get good relationship advice

Where to get good relationship advice. The two most common mistakes in relationships – One is to let their heart rule their head. So they might get involved with a guy who treats them badly,Where to get good relationship advice Articles or has a drug problem, or is lazy and will not get a job, and they keep making excuses for him or stay with him simply because they are lonely or fool themselves that if the sex is good the rest will somehow sort itself out. Relationships are not that simple, this is why people pay experienced, qualified agony aunts for advice.The other is that they are in rush to be with someone so they latch onto someone who is totally wrong them them rather than wait for someone better. The problem is that there are always at least two people involved and you cannot decide what the other person will think, do or say. They might say or do things that make you very unhappy and you cannot stop that. You can only decide what you will do within that relationship. But what you do or do not do influences what they do or do not do. If you are cold, judgmental, bossy and demanding your partner will not want to be with you. Either they make excuses to be at work instead or they find someone else or they hide away at their friend’s whenever they can.

As to where to get good relationship advice – do you want it for free? Go to ask agony aunts advice online then. You can even work through this site selling your own advice. It pays very well. But you do need to be good at giving advice on relationships for this to work for you. You can, if you are into the mystical side of life, go to somewhere like cheap email psychic reading online and speak to a lady called Honest Holly, a recognised psychic and agony aunt. And there is also Beth Shepherd accurate psychic readings online. All good places when it comes to where to get good relationship advice.



Many of the problems we face when we are dating, in love, looking for romance or in a marriage could have been prevented if we did not get into it in the first place! The woman who takes pity on an alcoholic and takes him in despite knowing he has a criminal record, is often in trouble with the Police, is violent and does not look after money is rather obvious yet it still happens. There are other variations that are a lot less obvious. The woman who is married to a guy who is hung up on looks and always wants her to look very sexy and compares her to other women who are younger or slimmer or have bigger breasts or the married man who says he will leave his wife are less obvious and happen all the time. Generally speaking if you do not like the way the person is now or the situation as it is now then walk away, do not stay because you hope or were told it will be better in the future. It is unlikely to turn out that way and even if it does why put up with this in the meantime? There are lots of people out there that would be nicer as from day one. This is particularly relevant to those who are keen on someone who is already spoken for and being asked to see them as a bit on the side. Some people prefer to sort out their own affairs, which is great, but if you need advice go to where to get good relationship advice rather than keep putting it off or going to the wrong place.

Getting into a relationship with a married man may seem a good idea at the time but it rarely turns out that way. Very few of these men actually leave their partner to be with the other woman, no matter what they promise. Sometimes they genuinely want to but they find that practical issues, finances and other complications get in the way. Unless you like to live on your own and spend a lot of time on your own, doing your own thing, you are better off with a single guy. A good looking or sexy married woman can also easily get a single guy, which is far more beneficial to her than a married one. At least he can make sure that he is available to see her when she can escape and be with him. And he should be able to invite her back to his place. If a single guy does not have his own place and has to bring people back to a lodging house or his parents then he has problems too and needs to sort them out. Where to get good relationship advice.

By Haadi