Why Should you Reconsider Filing a Travel Ban on your Child?

One of the most significant changes in this decree is organizing the freedom of travel with the child and the travel ban decision, which can be issued against the child by one of the parents.

As per Article No. 14 of this decision, the right to travel with the child shall be secured by the force of law and protection of this right is beside the right of the father and mother, and in consideration of the child’s right before any other. Should one of the parents request to impose a travel ban, the following factors shall be considered:Tech nieuws

The nationality of the guardian, the father, the child, and the mother, and if one of them is a local citizen or not.
Present proof that the father or mother is preparing to travel with the child.
Present proof that the other spouse travelled with the child previously without the consent of the applicant.
Present proof that traveling with the child shall affect the child physically or morally or his health, or might subject him to risk.
The child and the applicant shall have a valid residency visa.
The custodian’s family should not be residents of the UAE.
Alternatively, in any other case, the Judge may find it necessary to impose a travel ban.

By Haadi